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I could not recommend Hair Solutions more. After suffering from thin hair my whole life, I now have a volumiser fitted by Hair Solutions, which has changed my life! I have thick hair! It looks completely natural - no one has ever been able to tell, and even when I do tell people,they are shocked. The colour matches my own hair perfectly, and I wash and dry like normal. It is comfortable to wear, and Hair Solutions offers a friendly, professional and discreet service. Thank you Hair Solutions, for the confidence boost and a beautiful head of hair!
Jennie  July 2015


Whilst visiting family from America , had a consultation with Jeanette at Hair Solutions.

I found Jeanette's advice and professionalism excellent in what is a very sensitive situation.
I am returning to America with a new found confidence. I would highly recommend a visit to Hair Solutions. Feb 2016

‘’It’s such lovely hair ‘’
‘’ Looks so natural ‘’

‘’ Bonus - no burnt scalp in the sun.
It’s nice and covered ‘’